Wednesday, December 27, 2006


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Profound Posting

Hi All

Marta sent the invitation to this blog and then asked that I posted something profound.

Okay so let's do this right. I hope that everyone had a Very Boxer Christmas. Ours was a very good one.

Milo loves empty paper rolls, even if he has to unroll them himself. With the first roll he took out part of the Christmas tree and then cleared off the coffee table.

Milo was the first one to open his stocking on Christmas morning.

Milo was the first one to take my new boxer stuffy for a stroll.

Milo loves mandarin oranges as much as navel oranges.

Casey discovered eggnog, and it is every bit a good a chocolate milk.

Both Milo and Casey discovered that my Mother-in-Law is a great sport even when woken from a nap.

Milo and Casey also got to go out to see the Christmas lights thanks to the insistance of my Mother-in-Law.

Both dogs discovered that Christmas is a great time to be a boxer.



Hopefully we'll be able to customize this blog so it blends in with the BRC website.

But, time's a wasting so let's get on with blogging.

I only ask that everyone play nice - I don't know how to delete comments yet!