Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Small world

Freckle and I walked over to pick up my car today from the mechanic and while there, bumped into the owner of the transmission shop just down the street. Some years ago, he replaced the transmission on my car and met our rescue girl Sassy. He was all over Freckle and told me he and his family had adopted a boxer, perhaps four years ago, from Boxer Rescue Canada. He loves this dog - his first boxer, I think. It has natural ears and a natural tail - and unfortunately, I didn't ask its name or even whether it's male or female. He said they've been thinking about getting another, so I'll be going by the transmission shop later in the summer to see if they did.

That's a photo of Freckle from the walk this morning, on the disused train tracks that run behind the transmission shop and the mechanic's garage - it goes for miles and miles and is a bit like a country path in the middle of Vancouver.